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Cabin Keeper - Eminent Sales & Services

Taking the Work and Worry out of your Cabin!

Cabin Keeper is a division of Eminent Services which caters to all your vacation home or hunting cabin needs. Whether you need seasonal maintenance, scheduled inspection of the property, repairs, or someone to “open/close” your vacation home for you, we have you covered. Cabin Keeper provides services for; weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly custom checks on the property and structure. This insures the property and structure is clean, secure, and free from damage upon your arrival. You have the option to create your own care package which can consist of one or more of the following; a visual walk around the property and structure, snow removal, lawn care, interior/exterior cleaning, winterizing, and/or necessary repairs or improvements. You will be notified of any damages or concerns found within the property with the option to have it repaired by a Cabin Keeper professional.



Dock Services

Keep your dock looking new every year. We assist with removal, installation and repair of your lake home dock.


Somewhere warm over winter? We offer winterization, home checks and inspections. Take comfort knowing your home is in good hands.

Your Local Handyman

Whatever your project, a knowledgeable and professional handyman can assist you in finishing your home projects.